Edict Zero FIS – S01Ep01: 2415 (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to another quick Audio Drama Review on Discover Audio Drama! Today I’m bringing audio drama as it finest with “Edict Zero – FIS” S01Ep01 (Which you can listen here). As usual, let me tell you all a bit about this show which is in its 4th season (so there’s a lot to catch up and it’s tottally worth it. Trust me)

Personally, I’d like to say that Edict Zero was one of the first audio drama productions I’ve listened, and I glad I found it because it is a lesson on how to make audio drama, this is my personal synopsis/explanation on the show.

Edict Zero FIS is a sci-fi/cyberpunk/suspense/crime-police Audio Drama that takes place in the 25th Century. And on its season premiere, some strange events are about to happen with crime scenes with no explanation. During the new year celebration of 2415, the Vortex Club, a nightclub in the Center City on the world of Edict Zero, was bombed by a strange man known as Mr. Cook. While the main task force of Edict Three’s Federal Investigative Services are investigating from a more traditional point of view, other three  agents form a separate task force to determine another possible cause of the bombing. Their investigation leads to more and stranger questions with possibly world-changing bringing to light ancient knowledge known as The Paradox Artifcafts.


Story (5/5) – The plot is amazing, you keep wondering all the time “what’s going on?!” and you’ll catch your self on many “oooh!” and “Oh my god”moments during the episode. It is really good in leaving the listener saying “Ok, I think I understood that” and also “What the hell was that?”. The story gives you enough information so you can catch up and not feel lost with it, but leaves enough information in the dark so you download the rest of the season right away as you’re eager to know more about the story. (I’m applauding you right now, Jack Kincaid, for you’re awesome writing)

Characters (5/5) – The character design was something that really caught my attention on the first time I’ve listened to it. You can sense there’s depth in them. They’re people, with backgrounds, with a story, with a past, they are different from each other and they seem real! It’s an amazing character design, from Nick Garret up to Captain Socrates. (Know more about the characters here)

Sound Edition (5/5) Bravo. I first listened to it on the car and I’ve already felt like “That’s incredible!” The soundscape and the SFX are high-quality level. So when I got home I’ve started listening to it on headphones and the experience was even better. You get completely dragged to the universe Edict Zero FIS provides and you want more.

Music (5/5) – Again, Bravo. The music plays it role on the episode, only helping the storytelling, either by simply beign a background music to help you know where you are, or being almost a character by providing more emotional depth to the scene.

Overall (5/5) – I’d loved this show since this first episode. It has everything you need for an amazing audio drama, superb storytelling and great character design. You should give a chance to Edict Zero FIS for sure.
Who would like it – X-File fans; Cyberpunk fans; Storytellers; writers;


Official episode description and cast:

EDICT ZERO – FIS – Season 1
Episode 1 – “Premiere” – aka “2415 (Part 1)”



James Keller, Julie Hoverson, Phil Rossi, Russell Gold, Tanja Milojevic, and Jack Kincaid


“Mister Cook” ___________________________ James Keller
New Year’s Drunk ________________________ Jack Kincaid
Steve Volks, Bouncer ____________________ Jack Kincaid
Theo, The Maître D ______________________ Russell Gold
Jacob Tonell, Sr., and goons ____________ Jack Kincaid
News anchor/reporter ____________________ Jack Kincaid
Tactical Commander John Bradoch _________ Jack Kincaid
Lucas, FIS TU-9 Operator ________________ James Keller
Center City Cop #1 ______________________ James Keller
Special Agent/DSC Paul Wakeman __________ Jack Kincaid
Wilson, Technical Analyst _______________ James Keller
Special Agent Nick Garrett ______________ James Keller
Center City Cop #2 ______________________ James Keller
Assistant Director Alan Dockstader ______ Jack Kincaid
Special Agent Jewels Kircher ____________ Julie Hoverson
Special Agent Arthur Camden _____________ Jack Kincaid
F-I-S Security/Computer Voices __________ Tanja Milojevic
Jacob Tonell, Jr. _______________________ Jack Kincaid
Lawyer to Jacob Tonell, Jr. _____________ Tanja Milojevic
“Admiral Jenkins” _______________________ Jack Kincaid
“Captain Socrates” ______________________ Jack Kincaid
Homeless Shelter Worker _________________ Russell Gold
Benjamin Zurn / Mystery Agent ___________ Russell Gold


Collective Slipgate Nine Studio Resources, ERH, The Free Sound Project, Nine Inch Nails (remixed multi-track effects and drone derivatives), selections from the Public Domain & Free Sound Internet Resources.


Nine Inch Nails, Kevin MacLeod, ERH 50 Foot Wave, and countless selections from Public Domain Internet Resources (including MusOpen and the Internet Archive).


The “Edict Zero – FIS – Theme” tracks and all their derivative mixes–which are interwoven through each episode–are remixes of ’26 Ghosts III’, from the CC-licensed Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails. Also, many of the sound effects and special ambiences (i.e. scene headers) heard in Edict Zero – FIS are derived from samples from the hundreds of Nine Inch Nails multitracks made available at remix.nin.com.

Front and center attribution is also owed to ERH and Kevin MacLeod as main composers of the Edict Zero soundscape. The contributions from their work are not minor.

Additional attribution:

“Power + Light”, by 50 Foot Wave.

“16 Ghosts II”, from Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails.

“Discipline” (Remix), from The Slip, by Nine Inch Nails.

WRITER: Jack Kincaid.
PRODUCERS: James Keller. Julie Hoverson. Jane Eastman.
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: C. Edward Reed. Thomas Gland.



The Lift – S01Ep01: The Basement

Hello and welcome back to Discover Audio Drama! Today I’ll bring to you The Lift Pilot 1: The Lost Place (which you can listen here)

First of all, let me tell you about The Lift. This lift in particular. Victoria’s Lift. It’s not quite a Audio Drama, as it was once discussed on the Audio Drama Production Podcast community, I’d call it something like “Enhanced Audio Book” but with short stories (most of them are something around 25min). We hear the narrator (Daniel Foytik) telling us the story and we also have Victoria’s voice (Amber Collins). Each episode is written by different authors, but all of them take place in an old 9th story victorian building. Where we’re guided by Victoria taking people to different floors choosen for the character transformation.

And on this story we hear about a man with a dark past.

Well, that was a lot, so let’s go to the first epsiode with its original synopsis then my review. (that is available on their website)


“The Basement” – Nelson W. Pyles

Welcome to The Lift. If you find yourself here, there are choices to be made. Your past has lead you here, but what happens when that past was filled with vile and dark things?

In this week’s story, Victoria interacts with someone she’d rather not. Meet Jefferson and see how Victoria deals with this…particular situation.


Story (5/5) The story from this episode was written by Nelson W. Pyles (website) and it’s amazing. The way it flows, the dialogue, the descriptions it’s really captivating.

Characters (4.5/5) Victoria and the narrator are almost perfect in this show, the way they talk, the way the make you feel when they talk it is also pretty much thrilling and entertaining. I only think there are some very few times in which the narrator could be less “flat”. I must say that when I’ve first listened to this show it really took my attention. Daniel Foytik does a brilliant job doing the dramatic reading  telling us the story and I’ve loved Victoria’s voice, the effect on her voice is really good.

Sound Edition (4/5) It is quite simple. There are some clever sound effects used every now and then, and the show’s intention is not to put a sound for every situtation the narrator describes, but I think that it could have some more SFX, like doors closing, some  footsteps (not all the time) more background noise maybe to fill the soundtrack.

Music (5/5) All the music in this episode is well used, all of them only help the story being told. All of the composed tracks by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke (Cathedral Sounds) are amazing and additional music chosen couldn’t be better.

Overall (5/5) I was thrilled when I’ve listened to this story. I know it’s different from other Audio Dramas that I’ve presented so far. But in this kind of show this episode from The Lift almost perfected this craft. I highly recommend people to give a chance for “The Lift”

Who would like it – Storytellers; Thriller fans; writers


Official episode description and cast:

STORY “The Basement”

Writer – Nelson W. Pyles

Artist – Alex J. Murd

Dramatic Reading – Daniel Foytik

Cara – Anna Pyles

Victoria – Amber Collins

Music By – Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke of Cathedral Sounds


“Come Play With Me” (Author Greeting)
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The Lift Opening Theme Music
Composed and Recorded by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke of Cathedral Sounds

The Lift Closing Theme Music
Composed and Recorded by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams 

“Skye Cuillin” (Credits)
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Sound FX: http://freesound.org/


Sound Design by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story Studioswww.9thstory.com

Producer/ Creator: Daniel Foytik Executive Producer/ Co-Creator: Cynthia Lowman

Pulp Pourri Theatre & The Narada Radio Company S03Ep08 – Miami Impulse

Hello! Sorry it has been a while, but I’m back with the Pulp Pourri Theatre & The Narada Radio Company with the episode 08 from season 03 “Miami Impulse” (which you can listen here)


Here’s a quick “What’s going on this episode”:  The story is staged on Chicago/Miami in 1959 where a man (Lew Drake) gets involved into an identity theft situation, a lot of cash and many plot twists!

I’ve had a  good time listening to it, there were some things that bothered me (I’ll go into that later) but the story was really entertaining and it has some “old school radio” feeling to it, a really good experience, but anyway, here is the original synopsis and my more detailed review:

“Miami Impulse” is an original story by our producer-director, Pete Lutz, written for the series in August 2015. Set in 1959 Chicago and Miami, just before the Cuban Revolution, “Miami Impulse” is a tale of one man’s adventure, involving the theft of both another man’s identity and $150,000 in drug money. Intrigue and encounters with a beautiful Cubaña lead our man down unfamiliar paths. Will he survive? Listen and find out!

Story (4/5) – The story is filled with lots of plot twists. It feels like an “old movie”, the script is well written and it’s pretty straight in telling the story, the breaks (I think I can call it like that) almost makes you feel like you’re watching a movie on TV.

Characters (3/5) – I wish it has more depth, and at least for me, it took me a while (about 5 or 10min) to get used to the main character, Lew Drake, I just didn’t get involved with it on the beggining, but as soon as the audio drama flows and he gets more involved with other characters I’ve started to like it. The voice acting is a bit “over-acting” sometimes but I think that was the goal, so it’s not something bad.

Sound Edition (3/5) – I’ve missed some more background noise and SFX for the scenes and sometimes I’ve felt like the reverb was a bit too much. But these “lack of” SFX also made me have that “old school radio feeling”, so it might look like a flaw but it’s not something that I’ve noticed it all the time, because the story helps you go ignore this. I just wish that there was a better sound treatment on the background beacause it would have made the audio drama way richer.

Music (3/5) – The music has, most of the time, a clever use when used. Both in diagetic and non-diagetic. My complaint is that the audio drama music is too much different from the one in the background for the announcer, when you start listening, the more “indiana jones”song for the female announcer talking about the show gives the impression that is going to be a whole different show.

Overall (3.5/5) – The story is good and you feel intrigued on “how’s that going to end?”. Although I think there are some flaws regarding to the Sound Edition and I didn’t like it too much the “over-acting” for the characters, it is quite a good show that is worth listening because of the story.


Who would like it – Plot Twist fans; Movies from 80s~90s’ spectators; Radio drama enthusiast;


Official episode description and Cast

“Miami Impulse” is an original story by our producer-director, Pete Lutz, written for the series in August 2015. Set in 1959 Chicago and Miami, just before the Cuban Revolution, “Miami Impulse” is a tale of one man’s adventure, involving the theft of both another man’s identity and $150,000 in drug money. Intrigue and encounters with a beautiful Cubaña lead our man down unfamiliar paths. Will he survive? Listen and find out!

Our episode is sponsored by:
And introduces the Special Feature:

All commercials and special features are written by Pete Lutz, except (*), written by Mark Hacala.
LEW DRAKE: Dana Gonsalves
BRETT STONE: Kevin Schuster
ERICA DRAKE: Jessica Mathews
HOTEL CLERK 1: George Hatfield
FIREFIGHTER: Skeeter Ullman
ISELA LOPEZ: Diana DeHoyos
CUBAN THUG: Juan Perez
HOTEL CLERK 2: Jordan Bruster-Campo
POLICE OFFICER: Andres Elizondo II
Pete Lutz, Kendra Womack (Ranchers)
Omar Lopez (Black Hound of Hades)
Katie Loftin, Derek Lutz (Neuvinast)
Derek Lutz (Happy Endig’s)
Ross Bernhardt as Tommy, Peter D. Howard as Grover, Jim Baldridge-Garst as Norma June (Hobby House)

Our Episode Theme Was “The Cage”, Composed And Performed By Dayn Russell Leonardson, Used By Permission.

Special Period Music Included:

“Chicago, That Toddlin’ Town” By Fred Fisher
“Show Me The Way To Go Home” By Frank Crumit
“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” By Dina Washington
“Tea For Two Cha-Cha” By The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
“Tambah” And “Maria Belen Chacon” By Ernesto Lecuona Y Su Orquestra Cubana
“Dream Lover” By Bobby Darin
“Return To Me” By Dean Martin
“Searchin” By The Coasters
“Similau” And “El Cumbanchero” By Desi Arnaz
“Money” By Barrett Strong And
“There Goes My Baby” By The Drifters

Additional Music By Kevin Macleod Of Incompetech Dot Com.
Pulp-Pourri Theatre Theme Composed And Performed By Rich Wentworth
Opening Announcements By Gene Lutz And Rich Wentworth
Special Thanks To Mischa Stanton Of The Ars Paradoxica Audio Drama For His Technical Assistance.

Read more at http://naradaradio.libsyn.com/pulp-pourri-theatre-season-3-episode-8-miami-impulse#82yQ3Pp7kXY21a0j.99


Smal Town Horror S01Ep00: Tape 1 – The Where

Hello and welcome to Discover Audio Drama! On my third review here I’ll be talking about the show “Smal Town Horror” Season 01 Episode 00:  Tape 1 – The Where!  (Which you can listen here)

For starters, let me talk a bit about this production “Small Town Horror”, it’s basically a story about Ryan Jennings and the mysteries that only seem to exist in his hometown in Crayton, Minnesota.

I haven’t heard any episode before this one, and I must say that after “Episode Zero” I’ve already downloaded the following 7 episodes that they’ve released, it’s an amazing production.

Episode 00: Tape 1 – The Where is an introduction to what the podcast will be, we listen to Ryan Jennings talking about a VHS tape he recorded in 1998 about some mysteries that happened in his hometown in Crayton, Minnesota. No spoilers will be given here and I hope that you give a chance to this podcast, which I’ve found very captivating. The original synopsis is:

  In 1998 Ryan Jennings recorded a VHS tape in an attempt to understand the mysteries that only seem to exist within his hometown of Crayton, Minnesota.

Tape 1 of 2.

Story (4.5/5) – For a first episode it was already enough to convince me to keep listening to it (Well, that’s the main goal for pilot episodes, so, cheers and well done). It’s simple and clear, it almost reminded me the feeling that Serial Podcast gave me when I’ve first listened to it. And it sells what the title of the podcast says: Small Town Horror

Characters (4/5) – Well, there’s basically one character only speaking (Ryan Jennings, voiced by: Jon Grillz) But for the goal of this episode it really works. Basically a narration divided on the “before Ryan” (on the tape) and the “now Ryan” (the narrator). You get the feeling of who Ryan is and he is also very credible. It feels he’s someone real, sitting right next to you telling his story.

Sound Edition (4.5/5) – It’s a very raw edition. And this is a compliment for this episode, because it doesn’t have room for too much Sound Design, and the way it was designed fits the story. I love sound design work and the use of it in this first episode was very clever. Nice job Daniel Burnett.

Music (4.5/5) – The intro sets the mood for the show and when it’s a BG it doesn’t steal your attention from what Ryan is speaking and it only adds more “emotional charge” to it. Tom Parsons knew how to work with it.

Overall (4.5/5) – This first episode is really great. I think some more “hyperactive” listeners might need some patience for this since it is one guy speaking and it is very raw in its sound edition. But for people who like Thriller/Horror will sure have a good time visiting the stories of Ryan Jenning in “Small Town Horror”

Who would like it – Thriller and Horror fans; People from Minnesota (Skol Vikings);

I’ve missed some credits on the episode description, so I’m going to credit individually who appears on their website here)

Jon Grilz (Creator/Producer)

Daniel Burnett (Editor/Mixer/Sound Overseer)

Tom Rory Parsons (Music Composer)

Peter Lewis (Introduction)

Kevin MacLeod (Additional Music) – [UPDATE] Tom has just told me Kevin MacLeod has one track on another episode, not on Ep.00 (Tape 1 – The Where)

Atheist Apocalypse S03Ep03: Marionnettes

Hello and welcome to Discover Audio Drama! On my second review here, I’ll be talking about the show “Atheist Apocalypse” season 03 episode 03: Marionnettes! Which you can listen here.

First of all, let me talk a bit about this show, it’s a fictional comedy set in a post-apocalyptic world. (I’ve basically copied it from their website right here). It’s a comedy dialogue-driven show and it’s better appreciated if you have some experience listening to previous episodes so you’ll get more familiar with the format and this post-apocalyptic world where the show goes. So let’s get started with this review with the official synopsis:

What happens when the MGE wants you to join rebel groups?

And is it possible for people to believe that dietary supplements will work after the apocalypse?

For this episode I must first admit that I had some good share of laughs with it. Some quick comedy segments going on as a Radio News show. It’s quite a simple edition through these different “stories”, but the gold here is the script and the dialogue, there are quite some good puns/jokes and the voice acting is pretty damn good. On this episode Paul Sating and the cast take us to many different places, from an interview about “diet which allows you to have infrared vision” to a doctor’s voice recording about being trapped in someone’s doll house. I don’t want to talk more because I don’t want to give some spoilers, so you should give it a try and enter the funny world of the post-apocalyptic world of Atheist Apocalypse podcast!


Story  (3.75/5) -Altough it’s a lot funny it gets a bit confusing sometimes, that’s my only “problem” with it. The way the story flows it’s a bit different from what I was used to listen to, so maybe I just need to get more familiar with it. The jokes are pretty funny and the radio news show characterization works a lot.

Characters (4.5/5) – You can feel that the voice acting sells the character, it’s good to listen to, not difficult to understand and you can sense that each character is unique, the way it talks, it’s humor, etc. The characters are all highly credible and fun to listen.

Sound Edition (4/5) – It’s quite simple, but the show does not require more than it is asked. It is not filled with Sound FX or BG, but that’s a good thing because otherwise it might get too confusing.

Music (4.5/5) – I’ve kind of missed some intro music and an ending music. But all the music throughout the episode fit like a glove. I’ve loved the BG music for the “Help a friend” commercial.

Overall (4/5) – It might be confusing some parts, but it is definitely worth listening to! All the segments work individually and as a collective piece, it sells the big picture of a radio show and the voice acting is a great merit for the show.


Who would like it – People who enjoy radio; comedy fans; survivors from an apocalypse; Dialogue-wise enthusiastics;

Official episode description and cast

What happens when the MGE wants you to join rebel groups?

And is it possible for people to believe that dietary supplements will work after the apocalypse?

Also, have you ever thought of supporting the artists who spend hundreds of hours per week creating this show?  Well, you can!  Just head over to http://www.patreon.com/atheistapocalypse to show your support today.

And don’t forget to check out our sponsor, The Crafty Freethinker, at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheCraftyFreethinker and help support those who support the things you love.
Paul Sating – Executive Director, Writer, Editor
Brian Bristol – Executive Producer, Voice Actor, Editor, Writer
Dan Cocolla – Editor, Writer, Voice Actor (Jake)
Steven Bateman – Writer, Editor, Voice Actor (Edwin)
Jay Crofutt – Writer, Voice Actor (Rick)
Heather Auden – Voice Actor (Beatrice)
Jeff Venousos – Voice Actor (Tyler)
Jen Crofutt – Voice Actor (Sarah)
Steve Hayes – Voice Actor (Dr. Derrick)
Dave Curry – Voice Actor (Willie)
Sharon Bush – Voice Actor (Angelique)
Keniche Ohme – Music
Simon Croft — Music


It’s About Time Travel Agency S01Ep01 – Help Wanted

Greetings and welcome to first episode review of Discover Audio Drama!  Today I’ll start talking about the first episode from this amazing show called “It’s About Time Travel Agency”

Listen here


What if you had the power to travel through time?
Where would you go? What would you see?
What if you had no idea what you were doing?

It’s time travel. It’s comedy. It’s a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re a long-time fan of audio drama and radio storytelling or are new to the whole genre, this is the time travel podcast episode that starts it all off, so put the kids to bed – it doesn’t matter if they aren’t yours – pop some headphones over your ears, and settle in for a new adventure.

That’s the description on their website (right here) but let me tell you about episode 01 from season 01 which I’ve just listened to:

The show is a comedy, it felt a lot like “watching” a sitcom mixed with something Dr.Who-like. The two main characters are a Sales Manager and a IT Director (Steven and Charlie)  hired by the company leader Anna and they work in a Travel Agency where “There’s always people coming, but they never see them leaving”.

One day a guy named Branch drops by and tell them that he wants to speak with Anna (who’s not there by the time being) and he tells them to give her a message “I’ll see her in another time”. After he leaves Anna arrives and they tell her the message, that leaves her very uncomfortable and she tells them to go the her office after she talks with two clients that’ve just arrived there. By the time they enter Anna’s office she gets a postcard saying her clients are in danger and she finally drop the bomb for Steven and Charlie: That is a Time Travel Agency, and she needs help to save her clients.
Boom. That’s episode one. Amazing right? Anyway, let me give you my humble review and notes:

Story (5/5) – It’s clever. The story is as simple as amazing, a Time Travel Agency? Awesome! The episode flows smoothly, the storyline is easy to catch up and you don’t even see the time passing.

Characters (4/5) – Most of them are pretty good, I’ll give all the credit for Steven and Charlie, the dialogues between these two are simply hilarious, I’ve loved it! Anna is also pretty nice and I’ve enjoyed Philip and Trevor. I only take one point out because I’ve felt the other characters (such as Tom and Ian) were really behind Steven and Charlie.

Sound Edition (2.5/5) – The voice actors and actresses are all good and clean to listen to and understand, voice effects and reverb are good. But I’ve missed some more Background (BG) noises (traffic/city on the window. Maybe a fan or AC on Steven and Charlie’s office, etc). Before they time travel the sound design could be better. I’ll point one sound FX that I’ve missed it: A sound for the Portal.

Music (4/5) – Opening song and ending song are incredibly good! They pretty much set the mood of the show

Overall (4/5) – A must listen show for those who like comedy, it’s not difficult to understand and it’s a lot funny! My only complaints for the episode was the lack of some sound effects and BG, but I’ve definetly had a good time listening to it!


Who would like it – Dr.Who fans; Comedy fans; Time-Travelers; Sitcom fans; Dialogue-wise enthusiastics;


Official episode description and cast:

When a mysterious man from her past shows up unexpectedly, Anna is forced to flee, leaving Steve and Charlie to guard her secret. What could go wrong?

STEVEN: Steven Cardinal
CHARLIE: Charlie James
BRANCH: Ryan Ahlert
ANNA: Sarah Wallis Craven
MRS EBERSOL: Sheila Kern
MR EBERSOL: Raul Ceballos
PHILLIP: Charlie James
TREVOR: Steven Cardinal
SOLDIER 1: Chris Fabian
GUARD 1: Raul Ceballos
ANNE: Maggie Borden
TOM: Chris Fabian
IAN: Raul Ceballos
HENRY: Rob Britt
BAR PATRON: Maggie Borden
ERICA: Laila Auld

Written by
Rob Britt
Steven Cardinal
Douglas Clinton
Charlie James

Editing and Audio Production By
Charlie James