It’s About Time Travel Agency S01Ep01 – Help Wanted

Greetings and welcome to first episode review of Discover Audio Drama!  Today I’ll start talking about the first episode from this amazing show called “It’s About Time Travel Agency”

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What if you had the power to travel through time?
Where would you go? What would you see?
What if you had no idea what you were doing?

It’s time travel. It’s comedy. It’s a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re a long-time fan of audio drama and radio storytelling or are new to the whole genre, this is the time travel podcast episode that starts it all off, so put the kids to bed – it doesn’t matter if they aren’t yours – pop some headphones over your ears, and settle in for a new adventure.

That’s the description on their website (right here) but let me tell you about episode 01 from season 01 which I’ve just listened to:

The show is a comedy, it felt a lot like “watching” a sitcom mixed with something Dr.Who-like. The two main characters are a Sales Manager and a IT Director (Steven and Charlie)  hired by the company leader Anna and they work in a Travel Agency where “There’s always people coming, but they never see them leaving”.

One day a guy named Branch drops by and tell them that he wants to speak with Anna (who’s not there by the time being) and he tells them to give her a message “I’ll see her in another time”. After he leaves Anna arrives and they tell her the message, that leaves her very uncomfortable and she tells them to go the her office after she talks with two clients that’ve just arrived there. By the time they enter Anna’s office she gets a postcard saying her clients are in danger and she finally drop the bomb for Steven and Charlie: That is a Time Travel Agency, and she needs help to save her clients.
Boom. That’s episode one. Amazing right? Anyway, let me give you my humble review and notes:

Story (5/5) – It’s clever. The story is as simple as amazing, a Time Travel Agency? Awesome! The episode flows smoothly, the storyline is easy to catch up and you don’t even see the time passing.

Characters (4/5) – Most of them are pretty good, I’ll give all the credit for Steven and Charlie, the dialogues between these two are simply hilarious, I’ve loved it! Anna is also pretty nice and I’ve enjoyed Philip and Trevor. I only take one point out because I’ve felt the other characters (such as Tom and Ian) were really behind Steven and Charlie.

Sound Edition (2.5/5) – The voice actors and actresses are all good and clean to listen to and understand, voice effects and reverb are good. But I’ve missed some more Background (BG) noises (traffic/city on the window. Maybe a fan or AC on Steven and Charlie’s office, etc). Before they time travel the sound design could be better. I’ll point one sound FX that I’ve missed it: A sound for the Portal.

Music (4/5) – Opening song and ending song are incredibly good! They pretty much set the mood of the show

Overall (4/5) – A must listen show for those who like comedy, it’s not difficult to understand and it’s a lot funny! My only complaints for the episode was the lack of some sound effects and BG, but I’ve definetly had a good time listening to it!


Who would like it – Dr.Who fans; Comedy fans; Time-Travelers; Sitcom fans; Dialogue-wise enthusiastics;


Official episode description and cast:

When a mysterious man from her past shows up unexpectedly, Anna is forced to flee, leaving Steve and Charlie to guard her secret. What could go wrong?

STEVEN: Steven Cardinal
CHARLIE: Charlie James
BRANCH: Ryan Ahlert
ANNA: Sarah Wallis Craven
MRS EBERSOL: Sheila Kern
MR EBERSOL: Raul Ceballos
PHILLIP: Charlie James
TREVOR: Steven Cardinal
SOLDIER 1: Chris Fabian
GUARD 1: Raul Ceballos
ANNE: Maggie Borden
TOM: Chris Fabian
IAN: Raul Ceballos
HENRY: Rob Britt
BAR PATRON: Maggie Borden
ERICA: Laila Auld

Written by
Rob Britt
Steven Cardinal
Douglas Clinton
Charlie James

Editing and Audio Production By
Charlie James





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