Atheist Apocalypse S03Ep03: Marionnettes

Hello and welcome to Discover Audio Drama! On my second review here, I’ll be talking about the show “Atheist Apocalypse” season 03 episode 03: Marionnettes! Which you can listen here.

First of all, let me talk a bit about this show, it’s a fictional comedy set in a post-apocalyptic world. (I’ve basically copied it from their website right here). It’s a comedy dialogue-driven show and it’s better appreciated if you have some experience listening to previous episodes so you’ll get more familiar with the format and this post-apocalyptic world where the show goes. So let’s get started with this review with the official synopsis:

What happens when the MGE wants you to join rebel groups?

And is it possible for people to believe that dietary supplements will work after the apocalypse?

For this episode I must first admit that I had some good share of laughs with it. Some quick comedy segments going on as a Radio News show. It’s quite a simple edition through these different “stories”, but the gold here is the script and the dialogue, there are quite some good puns/jokes and the voice acting is pretty damn good. On this episode Paul Sating and the cast take us to many different places, from an interview about “diet which allows you to have infrared vision” to a doctor’s voice recording about being trapped in someone’s doll house. I don’t want to talk more because I don’t want to give some spoilers, so you should give it a try and enter the funny world of the post-apocalyptic world of Atheist Apocalypse podcast!


Story  (3.75/5) -Altough it’s a lot funny it gets a bit confusing sometimes, that’s my only “problem” with it. The way the story flows it’s a bit different from what I was used to listen to, so maybe I just need to get more familiar with it. The jokes are pretty funny and the radio news show characterization works a lot.

Characters (4.5/5) – You can feel that the voice acting sells the character, it’s good to listen to, not difficult to understand and you can sense that each character is unique, the way it talks, it’s humor, etc. The characters are all highly credible and fun to listen.

Sound Edition (4/5) – It’s quite simple, but the show does not require more than it is asked. It is not filled with Sound FX or BG, but that’s a good thing because otherwise it might get too confusing.

Music (4.5/5) – I’ve kind of missed some intro music and an ending music. But all the music throughout the episode fit like a glove. I’ve loved the BG music for the “Help a friend” commercial.

Overall (4/5) – It might be confusing some parts, but it is definitely worth listening to! All the segments work individually and as a collective piece, it sells the big picture of a radio show and the voice acting is a great merit for the show.


Who would like it – People who enjoy radio; comedy fans; survivors from an apocalypse; Dialogue-wise enthusiastics;

Official episode description and cast

What happens when the MGE wants you to join rebel groups?

And is it possible for people to believe that dietary supplements will work after the apocalypse?

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Paul Sating – Executive Director, Writer, Editor
Brian Bristol – Executive Producer, Voice Actor, Editor, Writer
Dan Cocolla – Editor, Writer, Voice Actor (Jake)
Steven Bateman – Writer, Editor, Voice Actor (Edwin)
Jay Crofutt – Writer, Voice Actor (Rick)
Heather Auden – Voice Actor (Beatrice)
Jeff Venousos – Voice Actor (Tyler)
Jen Crofutt – Voice Actor (Sarah)
Steve Hayes – Voice Actor (Dr. Derrick)
Dave Curry – Voice Actor (Willie)
Sharon Bush – Voice Actor (Angelique)
Keniche Ohme – Music
Simon Croft — Music



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