Smal Town Horror S01Ep00: Tape 1 – The Where

Hello and welcome to Discover Audio Drama! On my third review here I’ll be talking about the show “Smal Town Horror” Season 01 Episode 00:  Tape 1 – The Where!  (Which you can listen here)

For starters, let me talk a bit about this production “Small Town Horror”, it’s basically a story about Ryan Jennings and the mysteries that only seem to exist in his hometown in Crayton, Minnesota.

I haven’t heard any episode before this one, and I must say that after “Episode Zero” I’ve already downloaded the following 7 episodes that they’ve released, it’s an amazing production.

Episode 00: Tape 1 – The Where is an introduction to what the podcast will be, we listen to Ryan Jennings talking about a VHS tape he recorded in 1998 about some mysteries that happened in his hometown in Crayton, Minnesota. No spoilers will be given here and I hope that you give a chance to this podcast, which I’ve found very captivating. The original synopsis is:

  In 1998 Ryan Jennings recorded a VHS tape in an attempt to understand the mysteries that only seem to exist within his hometown of Crayton, Minnesota.

Tape 1 of 2.

Story (4.5/5) – For a first episode it was already enough to convince me to keep listening to it (Well, that’s the main goal for pilot episodes, so, cheers and well done). It’s simple and clear, it almost reminded me the feeling that Serial Podcast gave me when I’ve first listened to it. And it sells what the title of the podcast says: Small Town Horror

Characters (4/5) – Well, there’s basically one character only speaking (Ryan Jennings, voiced by: Jon Grillz) But for the goal of this episode it really works. Basically a narration divided on the “before Ryan” (on the tape) and the “now Ryan” (the narrator). You get the feeling of who Ryan is and he is also very credible. It feels he’s someone real, sitting right next to you telling his story.

Sound Edition (4.5/5) – It’s a very raw edition. And this is a compliment for this episode, because it doesn’t have room for too much Sound Design, and the way it was designed fits the story. I love sound design work and the use of it in this first episode was very clever. Nice job Daniel Burnett.

Music (4.5/5) – The intro sets the mood for the show and when it’s a BG it doesn’t steal your attention from what Ryan is speaking and it only adds more “emotional charge” to it. Tom Parsons knew how to work with it.

Overall (4.5/5) – This first episode is really great. I think some more “hyperactive” listeners might need some patience for this since it is one guy speaking and it is very raw in its sound edition. But for people who like Thriller/Horror will sure have a good time visiting the stories of Ryan Jenning in “Small Town Horror”

Who would like it – Thriller and Horror fans; People from Minnesota (Skol Vikings);

I’ve missed some credits on the episode description, so I’m going to credit individually who appears on their website here)

Jon Grilz (Creator/Producer)

Daniel Burnett (Editor/Mixer/Sound Overseer)

Tom Rory Parsons (Music Composer)

Peter Lewis (Introduction)

Kevin MacLeod (Additional Music) – [UPDATE] Tom has just told me Kevin MacLeod has one track on another episode, not on Ep.00 (Tape 1 – The Where)


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