The Lift – S01Ep01: The Basement

Hello and welcome back to Discover Audio Drama! Today I’ll bring to you The Lift Pilot 1: The Lost Place (which you can listen here)

First of all, let me tell you about The Lift. This lift in particular. Victoria’s Lift. It’s not quite a Audio Drama, as it was once discussed on the Audio Drama Production Podcast community, I’d call it something like “Enhanced Audio Book” but with short stories (most of them are something around 25min). We hear the narrator (Daniel Foytik) telling us the story and we also have Victoria’s voice (Amber Collins). Each episode is written by different authors, but all of them take place in an old 9th story victorian building. Where we’re guided by Victoria taking people to different floors choosen for the character transformation.

And on this story we hear about a man with a dark past.

Well, that was a lot, so let’s go to the first epsiode with its original synopsis then my review. (that is available on their website)


“The Basement” – Nelson W. Pyles

Welcome to The Lift. If you find yourself here, there are choices to be made. Your past has lead you here, but what happens when that past was filled with vile and dark things?

In this week’s story, Victoria interacts with someone she’d rather not. Meet Jefferson and see how Victoria deals with this…particular situation.


Story (5/5) The story from this episode was written by Nelson W. Pyles (website) and it’s amazing. The way it flows, the dialogue, the descriptions it’s really captivating.

Characters (4.5/5) Victoria and the narrator are almost perfect in this show, the way they talk, the way the make you feel when they talk it is also pretty much thrilling and entertaining. I only think there are some very few times in which the narrator could be less “flat”. I must say that when I’ve first listened to this show it really took my attention. Daniel Foytik does a brilliant job doing the dramatic reading  telling us the story and I’ve loved Victoria’s voice, the effect on her voice is really good.

Sound Edition (4/5) It is quite simple. There are some clever sound effects used every now and then, and the show’s intention is not to put a sound for every situtation the narrator describes, but I think that it could have some more SFX, like doors closing, some  footsteps (not all the time) more background noise maybe to fill the soundtrack.

Music (5/5) All the music in this episode is well used, all of them only help the story being told. All of the composed tracks by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke (Cathedral Sounds) are amazing and additional music chosen couldn’t be better.

Overall (5/5) I was thrilled when I’ve listened to this story. I know it’s different from other Audio Dramas that I’ve presented so far. But in this kind of show this episode from The Lift almost perfected this craft. I highly recommend people to give a chance for “The Lift”

Who would like it – Storytellers; Thriller fans; writers


Official episode description and cast:

STORY “The Basement”

Writer – Nelson W. Pyles

Artist – Alex J. Murd

Dramatic Reading – Daniel Foytik

Cara – Anna Pyles

Victoria – Amber Collins

Music By – Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke of Cathedral Sounds


“Come Play With Me” (Author Greeting)
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The Lift Opening Theme Music
Composed and Recorded by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke of Cathedral Sounds

The Lift Closing Theme Music
Composed and Recorded by Nico Vettese of We Talk of Dreams

“Skye Cuillin” (Credits)
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Sound FX:


Sound Design by Daniel Foytik, 9th Story

Producer/ Creator: Daniel Foytik Executive Producer/ Co-Creator: Cynthia Lowman


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